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Follow races and runners for updates on available listings.
Travel Network
Share listings and book available space to other runners or supporters attending races in the United States. (i.e. homes, hotels, vacation rental)
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Convenient, relevant reservations

With an interconnected community, your options are refined and based on the event, location and housemates or friends*. Finding accommodations has never been easier.

  • Search races linked to fellow athletes
  • Find listings 0-25 miles from event
  • Connect with other athletes prior to the event to discuss tips and provide support

"How does RunHost save me money?"

Competitive pricing

We realize that besides elite runners, most of us are not paid athletes. Costs of a destination race can add up pretty quickly once you factor in race entry fees, airline tickets or fuel, and hotel reservations. Not to mention staying up-to-date with the proper footwear. With RunHost, runners can split costs on competitively priced accommodations, saving money to use on their next event (or on new kicks).

cheaper than a hotel*
Many hotels, travel agencies and booking sites apply surcharges on or near the date of the event. Search listings based on what you're willing to spend, avoiding demand.

Booking is fast, easy and secure

  1. Choose your race
  2. Filter listings by price, make your selection
  3. Submit your secure payment

Your request will remain pending until the host approves it. Approval confirmations are sent to your profile inbox.

"How can I make money through RunHost?"

Create unforgettable experiences,
make ca$h

Setting up listings allows you Type-As to be in control — customize amenities, photos and even host using a third party.*

And if you're more laid back, automation and simple approval make hosting easy.

You run the show — post unique listings that
will get their attention

Name your listing and be sure to link it to a race. Don't see a race listed? Send a request to our team to add it!
Approve or decline booking requests

Save money. Make Money

Build your network.

Start exploring by creating your
free account today.

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